Crawfordsville High School Scholarships

Note: The scholarship opportunities listed below are for Crawfordsville High School students only.
Please click here for information about the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship.

2023 Crawfordsville MCCF Scholarship Recipients

Aaron Kesler Future Firefighters Scholarship

Future firefighter, 2-year or 4-year college

Brian Bowman Memorial Scholarship

Medical-related field, Indiana college

CHS Athenian Scholarship

Crawfordsville High School graduate, public college or university, financial need

Connie Meek Scholarship

Participation in band, choir, or orchestra, major in music

Cory Knecht Memorial Scholarship

Strong work ethic, character and citizenship

Debra Kay Stonebraker Memorial Scholarship

3.0+ GPA, Single parent or guardian household

Durham Home Inc. Scholarship

Female pursuing higher education, character, work ethic, financial need

Frances Gray Family Scholarship

Academic achievement, financial need, Indiana college

Jim & Bev Harpel Basketball Scholarship

Member of girls or boys varsity basketball team in senior year

John and Ruth Isaacs Family Scholarship

Academic achievement, financial need, attend Indiana college

Max W. Johnson Scholarship

Present or former 4-H club or National FFA member, enrolled and will attend Purdue University College of Agriculture

Michael F. Moss Memorial Scholarship

Indiana University, financial need, employment during high school

Mike McCord Scholarship

Integrity, moral character, positive attitude

Myron and Patsy Pattison Scholarship

Freshman in college, for use during sophomore year of college

Rodney Britton Scholarship

Study in the mechanical or industrial field

Ron Melvin Scholarship

Crawfordsville High School graduate or homeschool graduate from the Crawfordsville School district, financial need

Thelma Nolte Scholarship

See your high school guidance counselor for criteria and application