Establish a Fund

It's remarkable how easy it is to start a fund with the Montgomery County Community Foundation

Share with us your charitable goals and we're here to guide you and provide you with options. If you'd like to learn more about charitable organizations and causes in our community, we're able to help you explore opportunities. And the best part is that we'll take care of all the paperwork! Anyone may make a gift to your fund, or any fund, at any time, but the original purpose of the fund will remain unchanged.

The Foundation will invest your gift with other funds from the Foundation in order to maximize the investment return. The original gift amount of your fund will never be touched, allowing it to grow indefinitely into the future. The earnings are then used to help meet the community's needs.

Photo at right: Louis and Norma Swenke. Louis selflessly served our community through the Crawfordsville Police Department for 23 years, and together they owned and operated Swenke Satellite and Antenna. They were both actively involved in this community for decades. Through a bequest, they established a fund that will provide support for the Crawfordsville K-9 program, and a fund that will provide a scholarship for a student in their sophomore year of college studying criminal justice.

Louis and Norma Swenke sitting in a garden

Types of Funds You Can Establish


Unrestricted Fund

You want your charitable gift to accomplish the most to improve the quality of life in our community. You believe that as conditions change, a group of citizens from our community will be best able to assess the current charitable needs and to be creative and flexible in their grantmaking.

Field-of-Interest Fund

You are interested in a particular charitable cause but you don't want to restrict the grant to a specific organization. The Field-of-Interest fund allows you to specify a particular area (e.g. education, youth, health) to support and a group of citizens from our community will choose the most qualified charity that serves that area.


Designated Fund

You have supported a favorite charity or two and would like to continue that support in perpetuity. The designated fund allows you to specify the charity your fund will support.


Donor Advised Funds

You like the advantage of a charitable fund for which you make suggestions on the charities that would be supported each year. The Donor Advised fund allows you to make recommendations to the MCCF Board of Directors.

Scholarship Fund

You care about education and want to help others attend college. With a scholarship fund, you may define criteria for selection of a recipient. The minimum amount to establish a scholarship fund is $25,000.


Pathway Plan

Your goal is to build a fund over several years as resources are available. The Pathway Plan allows you to establish a fund with less than $5,000 and add to it over the course of five years.

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Agency Fund

An agency fund may be established by a charitable organization to provide a source of revenue to fulfill its mission well into the future.