MCCF Awards Cycle 2 Grants

MCCF Awards Cycle 2 Grants

| 12.8.21

We gathered at Fusion 54 on Thursday, December 2 to award the last round of unrestricted grants for the year! Sixteen grants were awarded to local nonprofit organizations for a total of $249,495. You can read a full breakdown of the awards by granting area below and view additional photos here.

Early Childhood Education-

Rainbows and Rhymes Preschool - $12,482 
A multi-station handwashing basin will be added in the basement where the children eat lunch and play. The preschool, housed in the First United Methodist Church, was one of two partners in MCCF’s Child Care Deserts Grant received from Early Learning Indiana in 2019 and offers 56 seats of all-day care for preschool age students.


Educational Foundation - $25,000
MCEF invites proposals from Montgomery County educators for innovative and imaginative projects that will provide unique and enriching experiences for their students, grades K-12. These grants are used for projects that are not funded by the school corporations.


Crawfordsville Community School Corporation - $10,000
Funds are used to assist students with health related needs such as medical, dental, vision care and related health and welfare expenses.

South Montgomery School Corporation - $9,000
Funds are used to assist students with health related needs such as medical, dental, vision and mental health care and related health and welfare expenses. 

History, Arts, & Culture

Athens Arts Gallery- $4,000
Athens will partner with preschool agencies to offer art history and art exploration classes with a professional artist. The instructor will co-construct awareness with children through the visual arts, and will encourage the children to develop competencies, and confidence, to use the visual arts as a tool for learning.

Carnegie Museum- $5,899
Growing programs create storage woes. This grant will allow for the purchase of shelving and other storage options, along with exhibit supplies. Improved efficiencies will result in improved programming.

Montgomery County Historical Society - $9,000
The funds will be used to safeguard the historic Lane Place. A portion will be used for building repairs and a portion for tree care.   

Human Services-

Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis - $3,360
This will allow them to offer emergency assistance to more Montgomery County families with children. Children’s Bureau works with other local agencies to support local families with children with essential needs.

Pam’s Promise Transitional Housing - $18,727
This will be used to replace the aging, failing furnace and air conditioner at the Spring Ledge house with a new, more energy efficient system.

Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center - $29,027
A part-time advocate will be hired to serve local victims of sexual abuse and trauma. Currently there is no local service. Victims must either leave the county for assistance or do without.

Wabash Ave. Presbyterian Church - $2,500
WAPC has for many years, graciously set aside space for local recovery support groups. These funds will purchase books and materials and add new, brighter, more energy efficient lighting to the recovery room.

Women’s Resource Center - $6,500
Funds will be used for medical services and for items for their Great Expectation’s educational program. WRC is an invaluable link to the local health care system.


Achaius Ranch - $25,000
This COVID-19 Operating Grant will help shore up finances so that the Harmony Project, a trauma recovery program, can continue in 2022. It debuted this year and was a big success. The negative effects of the pandemic make it more important than ever.

Boys & Girls Club - $39,000
This COVID-19 Operating Grant helps ensure the financial stability of the club so that afterschool programming may continue. This provides children a safe place to go so that their parents may work.

Montgomery County 4-H - $30,000
This will allow 4-H to purchase a new range hood and exhaust, a part of the full kitchen remodel plan. The kitchen is used not only by 4-H but by many community groups too.

Youth Service Bureau - $20,000
This will provide support to three key YSB programs, CASA, Child Abuse Prevention, and Inspire, providing advocacy, support and education to protect youth.

These grants were made possible by the following MCCF Field of Interest Funds:
  • Crawfordsville Housing Authority
  • David and Sheridan Hadley Health and Wellness Fund
  • Ian Geoffrey Hudson Memorial Fund
  • Richard and Nancy Inskeep Fund
  • Herbert and Genevieve Morrison Fund
  • A.F. Ramsey Fund
  • Faye O. and Anna Winter Schenck Fund
  • Women of Wisdom Fund, honoring Rev. Chris Hotopp-Zachary, Mary Vi Leaming RN and Meda Lorton.
And from these MCCF Unrestricted Funds:
  • Paul and Heather Barajas Fund
  • Samuel L. and Eva Fern Boots Fund
  • Harold and Linda Carpenter Fund
  • Chase Bank Fund
  • Tony and Cindy Cosenza Fund
  • Hank and Nancy Coyle Fund
  • John and Betty Culley Fund
  • Dr. Fred and Elizabeth Daugherty Trust Fund
  • Ron and Trudy Dickerson Fund
  • The Directors Fund
  • Dr. William and Nancy Doemel Fund
  • Earl F. and Ruby B. Elliott Fund
  • Leland and Dolores Epperson & Family Fund
  • Faith Alliance Fund
  • Bob and Bill Fell Fund
  • First Merchants Charitable Foundation Fund
  • Barbara and Larry Frye Fund
  • Larry and Susan Griffith Fund
  • Jack and Joyce Grimble Fund
  • M. Gaildene and Stan Hamilton Fund
  • Thomas and Mary Beth Harmon Fund
  • Carl F. and Margaret Henthorn Fund
  • Hoosier Heartland State Bank Fund
  • Michael D. and Sally A. Hinkle Fund
  • Dennis and Dee Hohlbein Fund
  • Larry D. Servies and Wanda R. Hopkins Fund
  • Roberta Hudson Fund
  • Walter Hulet Fund
  • Max W. Johnson Fund to honor Mary Francis “Fran” Johnson
  • Brian and Cheryl Keim Family Fund
  • Mag & Lil Fund
  • Hubert and Martha Massing Fund
  • Amy McFerran Fund
  • Steve and Diana McLaughlin Fund
  • Tom and Cynda Mellish Fund 
  • Phil and Judy Michal Fund
  • Mike and Rhonda Mitchell Family Fund
  • Montgomery County Physicians Fund
  • The Nucor Fund
  • Morris and Barbara Odle Family Fund
  • Gloria and Marvin Oliver Fund
  • Dale and Linda Petrie Fnd
  • Marty Pool Fund
  • Torey and Bethany Rauch Fund
  • William and Amy Roth Fund
  • Anita Rupar Fund
  • Coach Rick and Deb Schavietello Fund
  • Clark and Nancy Sennett Fund
  • James G. and Susan Smith Fund
  • Kathy and John Steele Fund
  • John T. Taylor Charitable Fund
  • Bobbye and Claude Thompson Fund
  • John and Sandy Tidd Fund in memory of Ernest and Anna Tidd and Joan and John Spray
  • Beverley J. Turner Fund in memory of John C. White
  • Tom Warren Fund
  • Leonard and Louise Winchell Fund
  • Damon C. and Bernice Seaman Wray Fund
  • Roland Brooks and Helen Johnson Wynne Fund