Grant Gives a "Hand Up"


Brenda Deckard, HUB Administrator, is often heard saying, "We don't want to give a hand out, but rather a hand up." A young man, recently released from prison, is now on his way to self-sufficiency thanks in part to the $1,000 Board Community Engagement Grant directed to HUB Ministry by MCCF Board member, Amy Cooper. This grant allowed HUB to purchase new shoes for this young man, shoes that were badly needed as his feet were covered in blisters caused by worn and ill-fitting shoes. This young man is now immersed in a "12 Step" recovery environment at a halfway house and is looking forward to a comfortable place to stay while he seeks employment and recovery from his addictions. He was also given a good supply of cell phone minutes and a month long bus pass - all given through the opportunity of this grant.

Many times there are needs that fall through the cracks of traditional resources, like in the case of the young man mentioned. "James" (not his real name) might have been left homeless in a place where old haunts surround him, likely leading back to life behind bars. This gift represents his best chance for a life of productivity and independence.

This grant also allowed for emergency financial assistance to a young single mother who had her hours at work reduced and without additional support, was having a hard time making ends meet. HUB was able to ease her financial stress and has also connected her with other sources of support.

Amy Cooper desired to do more than just present a check and so she coordinated a small group of MCCF staff, board members and even family to help her serve lunch recently at the HUB's Friendship Kitchen. Even more lives were touched and the volunteers felt they were the ones who were blessed. HUB has served lunch every Saturday for five years. For more information about HUB and the Friendship Kitchen and how you can help, call 362-8840.