Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Published: December 19, 2012

Perhaps now more than ever, while we weep along with the nation over recent tragic events, we need to take a moment and focus on the good. We have so much that is good all around us and maybe, just maybe, if we take a little time to highlight what is good, we can find real peace and joy this Christmas. So here goes:

Generosity permeates our community. Consider the recent challenge by the Free Clinic to raise $300,000 for a 3:1 match by North Central Health Services. They made it – in less than a year – and the donations continue to come in.

Compassion moves our community. Consider the 2012 Community Engagement Grants that Board and staff directed to various organizations. We were moved to do so because of our concern for the hungry (Mobile Food Pantry), for the hurting (Red Cross), and for the helpless (Animal Welfare League).

Sacrifice cradles our community. Consider the veterans – many of them are your neighbors, friends, or family members. They are indeed part of the greatest generation who endured enormous suffering, who faced fear, and yet, as witnessed during the recent Honor Flight, survived with their sense of humor intact! Their resilience is admirable.

Humility serves our community. Consider a recent visit we had from an elderly couple who live on the outskirts of Montgomery County. They desired to start a fund in memory of a gentleman with whom they shared a bond that goes back many years. They do not want their names tied to this generous gift and gave without thought of recognition – a truly selfless act.

Generosity, compassion, sacrifice, and humility are all threads woven into this beautiful tapestry that we call community, and that is a gift. From all of us at MCCF, to all of you, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!