Giving Tree Gifts keep Giving


Finding a thoughtful gift can be somewhat elusive - even making a charitable gift during this season of sharing can sometimes be difficult as there are many wonderful and worthy causes in our community. But what if you could make one gift and that one gift took care of your favorite aunt, as well as your charitable donation? Well, you can and it's quite simple! A gift to the Giving Tree will go to our Cornerstone fund which enables us to continue to give gifts in the form of grants to our valued nonprofits all year long. These grants touch lives – real people with real needs.

If you'd like to give a gift that truly keeps giving long after the decorations are put away, please click on our Donate tab and fill in the information. We will then put your name on a paper ornament and add it to the ones already on our Christmas tree! If the gift is in honor of a loved one, friends, employees - or anyone - simply fill out the information and we will send them a special card announcing your gift this Christmas. Unless you have personal elves that do your shopping, nothing could be easier! Merry Christmas!