First Green Grant!

Published: March 12, 2013

It didn't take Patti Harvey, Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center, long to apply for a "Going Green in '13" grant. Always thinking of ways to help clients conserve resources, and knowing that disposable diapers can strain any budget, Patti applied for a grant that will provide three mothers with start up supplies for cloth diapering. With the $1,000 grant, the WRC was also able to purchase an electric hand dryer which will eliminate the cost of buying paper towels.

Kaysha Bonwell, pictured in the photo with Patti Harvey, is the first mother chosen to take advantage of this grant. Kaysha and her husband are expecting their third child soon and as an avid recycler, she is committed to using the cloth diapers and excited about the cost savings to her family. MCCF will award one "Going Green" grant each month of $1,000 - so stay tuned!