2017 Grant Awards - Cycle #3

Published: November 30, 2017

Our third grant cycle for 2017 is now complete and twelve unrestricted grants were awarded. This last round of grants amounted to $130,161, bringing the total unrestricted grant awards for this year to $367,443. This impressive amount is due to the generosity of our donors who give so that our community is a better place to live. We were so glad to have some of our fund owners present for the awards.

Three of our board members also awarded Community Engagement Grants. These $1,000 grants give our board members an opportunity to further support a nonprofit agency of their choice. During this cycle, MCCF Board Member Jessica Bokhart awarded her CEG to the Montgomery County Sheep Association, board member Peggy Burkett awarded her grant to Pam's Promise Transitional Housing, and board member Torey Rauch awarded his grant to the Youth Service Bureau's NOURISH program.

For a complete list of all the third cycle grant awards, please click here.