2015 Unrestricted Grant Awards


Applause echoed off the walls at the Carnegie Museum as over $346,000 was awarded to 30 very happy, and grateful, grant recipients These unrestricted grant awards are rewarding for everyone involved - our nonprofit agencies who continue to work tirelessly to make our community better; our donors who give so generously to make their charitable dreams a reality; and of course, we feel the joy of being the bridge that brings the two together. To read all the awards and the various funds that provided support, please click here.

Kelly Taylor, Executive Director, told the crowd that since its inception, the Foundation has awarded over $17 million in grants and scholarships to local nonprofit agencies and aspiring students. That is a huge investment in our community and it's all made possible because of our donors. In the midst of the applause and the smiling faces there was one thing that was abundantly clear: our donors, past and present, followed their heart and made a decision that it really is more blessed to give than to receive. Because of them, hundreds of lives have been touched through their generosity.