COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Grants

In our efforts to better serve our community during this unprecedented health crisis, the MCCF Board of Directors has set aside funds to start the COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund.

Grants have already been proactively distributed to local nonprofits for emergency assistance relief in the areas of food, child care and healthcare. We are continuously working with our nonprofit agencies and community leaders to identify areas of greatest need.

Despite our best efforts, there are likely needs we have overlooked. If your organization’s ability to fulfill its mission is being challenged by COVID-19, maybe we can help. Our priorities at this time are child care, food insecurity, health and human services. Knowing these are urgent needs, we intend to get decisions made quickly and checks will follow promptly for those approved. Please use the COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Grant Form.  When completed, please send request to Cheryl Keim at

The COVID-19 Emergency Assistance grants are funded outside of our regular unrestricted grant cycles. Receiving a COVID-19 emergency grant will not affect your eligibility to apply for an unrestricted grant. However, please note that for now, Grant Cycle #2 is on hold as we navigate these challenges.