Capacity Building Grants

We are amazed by the high level of interest in the Capacity Building Grants - our funds for these grants were exhausted in less than 60 days! However, we are so pleased to announce that the Grants & Distributions committee reviewed the program and recommended to the Board of Directors that an additional $7,500 be set aside for more nonprofits to have the opportunity to apply for these grants. The Board voted unanimously to do so and the Capacity Building Grant application, now an online application form can be found on the How to Apply page.

The vision for MCCF is to be a proactive nonprofit leader and encourage philanthropy. We strive to assist in identifying the community’s needs to serve as a catalyst and convener and to provide a vehicle for donors to achieve their charitable goals all with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for Montgomery County residents.

To this end, MCCF offers Capacity Building Grants to local nonprofit organizations in an effort to strengthen them in ways that increase their capacity to carry out their respective missions. The grants could be used to support the following areas: Professional Development, Board Development, Strategic Planning, Financial Advising, or similar areas. 

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